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Occupational Therapy Services in Des Moines, IA

Children's Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps children by assisting their developmental progress and teaching them to become independent in their daily lives.

Occupational therapists perform activities with children to improve:

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Strength
  • Fine motor skills
  • Writing
  • Activities of daily living such as feeding and dressing
  • Play skills
  • SI (Sensory Integration)

Why is Occupational Therapy recommended?

Physicians recommend pediatric physical therapy for difficulties with fine motor movement with hands and fingers and being able to coordinate these movements. Fine motor movements may be present at birth or may have developed early in life. Occupational therapy provides benefits for many including:
  • Difficulty holding and controlling objects with hands and fingers
  • Having sensory issues including difficulty tolerating different textures, sounds or lightening
  • Poor hand strength causing objects to be dropped
  • Poor coordination of fingers to allow for buttoning or zipping
  • Poor grasp making coloring or writing difficult
  • Difficulty with picking objects up

Adult Therapy


Occupational Therapy Treatments with Adults Include:

  • Reducing safety risks in the home
  • Improving strength, coordination and movement
  • Compensating for non-functioning limbs
  • Improving perceptual skills
  • Dressing, hygiene tasks, and eating
  • Use of special equipment to increase daily tasks
  • Task simplification for daily activities
  • Adaptation of wheelchairs
  • Fitting splints for hand or arm

Why is Occupational Therapy recommended for Adults?

Physicians recommend physical therapy for adults following a serious illness, injury or surgery. Occupational therapy provides benefits for many problems including:
  • Difficulty bathing and grooming
  • Difficulty dressing
  • Increased problems taking a shower or using the toiler because of weakness or fatigue
  • Poor breath support so you tire easily
  • Decreased endurance making cooking and cleaning difficult to complete

Occupational Therapy Resources: