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Speech Therapy Services in Des Moines, IA

Children's Therapy


What are the common communication problems?

  • Speech Production: Pronouncing all sounds in words.
  • Language: Understanding language, building vocabulary, following directions or expressing them.
  • Stuttering: Maintaining fluent speech

Why is Speech/Language Therapy recommended for Children?

Physicians recommend pediatric speech/language therapy for difficulties learning speech and/or language that do not develop by themselves. A physician may also refer a child with feeding difficulties. Speech/Language therapy provides benefits for many problems including:
  • Being able to correctly produce speech sounds so the child is easily understood.
  • Building understanding of language so the child is able to follow directions easily.
  • Teaching language expression so the child can speak in sentences.
  • Building vocabulary so the child uses a wide variety of words.
  • To train the use of fluent speech when a child stutters.
  • To help a child learn to eat a variety of foods and liquids.
  • To decrease coughing and gagging when eating.

Adult Therapy

  • Aphasia: Reduced ability to understand or to express ideas.
  • Dysarthria: Muscle weakness which impairs the ability to speak clearly.
  • Apraxia: Impairment in sequencing of muscle movement for speech.
  • Memory: Difficulty recalling recent events.
  • Swallow Disorders: Include managing food orally or difficulty in swallowing. A swallowing disorder may cause coughing, choking, drooling, pocketing, or pneumonia.
  • Voice: Controlling voice quality.

Why is Speech/Language Therapy recommended for Adults?

Physicians recommend speech/language therapy for adults following a stroke, brain injury or surgery affecting the brain or vocal cords. Speech/Language therapy provides benefits for many problems including:
  • Coughing or choking when swallowing.
  • Training ways to swallow foods and liquids to keep from getting repeated bouts of pneumonia.
  • Improving clarity of speech production.
  • Providing ideas to improve memory.
  • Improve word retrieval.

Speech Therapy Resources: